Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  In most circumstances and environments the sleeves are subjected to they can be washed in hand warm water with a little general purpose clothes detergent, rinsed and then air dried.  Sleeves should not be used if damp.

Yes.  Pirrella fan blade sleeves fit most of the regular shaped size fans.

There are different quantity packs: a 3 sleeve pack (retail outlets only), a Home Value 12 sleeve pack (online or mail order direct from Pirrella) and a bulk 60 pack for commercial businesses (direct order from Pirrella).

Pirrella offer 4 colours: white (standard), beige, stainless silver grey and black.  Whilst coloured the sleeves are translucent meaning the blade’s surface can be seen through the applied sleeve.

Yes.  Apart from easing the task of cleaning fan blades Pirrella fan blade sleeves will, under normal circumstances, prolong the new-like look of ceiling fan blades!

Yes. Coloured, patterned or advertising (lightweight) cards maybe inserted between the underside of the blade and its protective sleeve.

The videos below are short tutorials on applying a sleeve & removing a sleeve without the need of a ladder using Pirrella’s new revolutionary sleeve applicator.

Pirrella Fan Sleeve Applicator – Apply Tutorial

Pirrella Fan Sleeve Applicator – Removal Tutorial