About Us

No more cleaning of fan blades – what a fantastic good Aussie idea …

… in 1994, when Pirrie Sargent, founder of Pirrella, relaxed in his recliner chair under the living room ceiling fan, and looked up to see a dusty and dirt coated ceiling fan, his composure turned to one of feeling that here is a job that simply no-one in the house wanted to do!

… so the idea of slipping a transparent disposable elastic fabric sleeve over the fan blades was born and then developed over the following couple of years leading to a product which negates cleaning fan blades – no more cleaning!!!

Ideally, every new fan should have a set of Pirrella fansleeves to go with it – Pirrella fansleeves protect fan blades both prolonging the fan’s life and keeping it clean and new like (Pirrella fansleeves need changing from time-to-time depending on the immediate environment).

Pirrie Sargent’s invention is protected by copyright, patents and trademarks and extends to all fan types – ceiling, table, wall, exhaust, window, air conditioners, propeller blades and rotors for windmills, aircraft and helicopters.

Copyrights are also in place for colourful inserts which are slipped between the lower side of the blade and the sleeves (which are transparent).  Designs for inserts are unlimited. Designs for the fansleeves also include various colours, special fabrics, impregnated room deodorisers or incense and even iridescent or glow-by-night properties.  For commercial applications the fan sleeves may be used as image carriers for advertising media.

Proudly Australian – Australian conceived, designed, developed, owned and managed.

Pirrrella is a registered trademark of Pirrella Holdings Pty Ltd, Australia.  (ACN:069 331 782 – ABN: 93 073 761 645)

Pirrie Sargent – Director

Pirrie Sargent invented the Pirrella fan sleeve and developed his idea into a fully functional, practical and affordable product.  To augment his revolutionary design he has designed a ceiling fan sleeve applicator allowing his sleeves to be applied without using a ladder to access the ceiling fan blades.

Jan Sargent – Director

Jan Sargent has support Pirrie in his quest pounding pavements to get to trade shows and overseeing the day-to-day administration of the business – “behind every successful man there’s an equally successful woman”, “it takes two to Tango” and – synergy (where the actual combined effect of the mathematical sum is greater than the mathematical sum itself)!