No more Cleaning of Fan Blades
What a FANtastic good Aussie idea
In 1994, when Pirrie Sargent relaxed in his recliner chair under the living room ceiling fan, and looked up to see a dusty & dirt coated ceiling fan, his composure turned to one of feeling that here as a job that simply no-one in the house wanted to do!!

clean ceiling fan cleaning ceiling fans ceiling fans cleaning

The idea of slipping a transparent disposable fabric elastic fabric sleeve over the fan blades was developed over the next 2 years.

Pirrella ceiling fan sleeves

No more cleaning!!!

Ideally, every new fan
should have a set of Pirrella Fansleeves to go with it, as with Pirrella Fan Sleeves on a new fan, you will always have a clean fan and protection for the leading edges of your fan.

clean ceiling fan blades

The invention has an Australian patent and Registered Design, and patents in Singapore Malaysia & Thailand. Pirrella is a trademark of Pirrella Holdings Pty Ltd. The patent covers other fans, including table, wall, exhaust, window, air conditioners etc. as well as propellor blades, rotors for windmills, aircraft & helicopters.

Copyrights are also in place for colourful inserts which are slipped between the lower side of the blade & the sleeves (which are transparent). Designs for inserts are unlimited. Designs for fan sleeves will also include various colours and special fabric, impregnated room deodorisers or incense and even iridescent or glow-by-night. The fan sleeves are also designed as image carriers which can be used as advertising platforms when fans are stationary or in motion.

Pirrella Fansleeves have been packaged and graphically designed in Australia
Yet another good idea working for Australia.


Pirrrella is a registered Trademark of Pirrella Holdings Pty Ltd
ACN:069 331 782
ABN: 93 073 761 645

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